The Port of Hvide Sande is located at position North Sea 56°00.0'N 8°07.8'E. Nautical chart Nos. 99, 93.

The entrance to the Port of Hvide Sande faces directly onto the North Sea and is protected by two breakwaters. The water depth at the entrance is up to seven metres in the range lights.

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The entrance is marked with range lights:

  • White: Iso. 2s, course 61°.
  • Red: Iso. 4s, heading 77.8°.

You can navigate the port both day and night.

The difference between mean high tide and mean low tide is 0.6 metres.

The maximum speed limit in the port basins is 3 knots.

Navigation conditions for the port are good and stable for most of the year.

The port is always free of ice, regardless of freezing temperatures, due to the current coming through the sluice to Ringkøbing Fjord.

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For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Port and 24-hour security
(+45) 97 31 16 33

Hawser operator
Allan Bareuther
(+45) 40 38 80 86

Hvide Sande Supply
(+45) 40 38 80 86

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Three port sections west of the sluices

  • Vesthavn
  • Sydhavn with two basins
  • Nordhavn

East of the sluices in Ringkøbing Fjord there are two port sections

  • Østhavn
  • Tyskerhavn

Depths in the basins

  • Vesthavn: 7 metres
  • Quay 11: 7 metres
  • Nordhavn: 7 and 4 metres
  • Sydhavn: 7 and 3.5 metres



The pilotage service at the Port of Hvide Sande is handled by DanPilot.

Vessels whose operators are not familiar with the conditions may take a pilot or obtain information from the port master about the current conditions prior to arrival or departure.


DanPilot, Lodseriet Danmark

Phone (+45) 63 25 66 66 (manned 24 hours a day)

Fax (+45) 63 25 66 49




Supervision of vessels

Vessels must be fitted with fenders.

When leaving a vessel that is not registered as domiciled in the port, the port security must be informed of the identity of the person in charge of the vessel.


Call documents and maps can be found under documents

Maps and documents



The maximum speed limit in the port basins is 3 knots.


Depths in the entrance and in port basins

Due to sanding up, the depths in the entrance and in the port basins may differ from our information, the official nautical charts and the depths indicated in the sailing manuals.

The depths indicated will be maintained by dredging.


As far as possible, the Port of Hvide Sande will inform about changes to the navigation conditions. However, our users and customers are encouraged to always keep themselves informed of the current conditions by contacting port security.

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