We offer the following facilities for the fishing fleet:

  • An efficient and modern ice factory in Sydhavn
  • Power points with 380 v/ 32 amp and 380 v/ 64 amp by all quays
  • Power points with 220 v/16 amp by floating jetties
  • Fresh water stands can be found by quay 32, quays 40-41, at the ice piers in Sydhavn and at the south side of Pier 1 in Nordhavn.
  • Wire tensioning facility
  • Storage of diesel fuel
  • Areas for storing fishing gear
  • Gear terminal with the possibility of renting halls for storing fishing gear



Electricity outlet points run on a cloud-based system that is very user-friendly. Simply register the ship's phone number in the system and the ship will be able to connect the cable to the power point. Then simply dial the number on the stand and the plug will be switched on.

Consumption is recorded on an ongoing basis. When you unplug the power plug, the system automatically sends a receipt by text message to the ship for the power consumed, and the port can retrieve the consumption information in the web-based system for re-invoicing. If there is a fault and the power to the ship is cut off, a text message will also be sent to the ship.


New ships must contact the port security in order to be registered in the system.


If you have any questions, you can always contact our port security.




1. Select the socket

2. Insert the plug from the boat

3. Turn the on-off switch above the socket

4. The green light on the selected socket will flash

5. Call the number indicated on the stand

6. Wait for a response, select the socket number

7. When the green light flashes steadily, power will be available from the socket



1. Switch off the socket using the on-off switch by the socket

2. Remove the plug

3. The green light will stop flashing/lighting up


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