Hvide Sande Fiskauktion has a modern auction hall with 1,400 m2 of cold storage. From the auction hall, Hvide Sande Fiskeauktion sells all fish for human consumption, which ensures a very high quality. Fish from Hvide Sande is sought after and appreciated throughout Europe.


Hvide Sande Fiskeauktion organises the auction on the internet, where over 100 buyers from Europe bid on the landed catches every morning. A large proportion of the landings for the auction are sea-packed fresh fish. That is, fish that are sorted, cleaned and iced by fishermen on board the cutters. On some vessels, the fish boxes are labelled with information about the date, place and weight of the catch. The information follows the catches all the way to the fishmongers or to repackaging by the exporter.


Hvide Sande Fiskeauktion is certified to sell a number of consumer fish species under the MSC - Marine Stewardshop Council. MSC certification ensures that catches come from sustainable fisheries and that it is possible to trace the fish all the way from the fishing cutters to the consumer.


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The Dynamic Beacon of the Danish West Coast

The Port of Hvide Sande leads the way in the sustainable development of the local area, creating a symbiosis between port and town. We wish to promote openness and good communication with all customers and partners.

By investing in the green transition, while at the same time the port operates an economic, efficient and socially responsible business enabling investment in the port's infrastructure and land, as well as in the development of existing and new business areas.