We offer a range of facilities built specifically for offshore wind activities. Vesthavn is particularly suitable for project cargo, wind turbine parts, foundations, cables, etc. The quay at Vesthavn is 210 metres long, and the centre 60 metres has a load-bearing capacity of ten tonnes per m2 (80 tonnes in point load). The easternmost 90 metres have a load-bearing capacity of five tonnes per m2 (47 tonnes in point load).
Jack-up is permitted at the West Quay, as well as at other quays in the port.


The quayside is 230 metres long and 35 metres wide and has 6,000 m2 of storage space. The total ISPS-secured area at Vesthavn is approximately 20,000 m2. The port has areas at its disposal totalling approximately 200,000 m2 around Vesthavn and Nordhavn. The water depth at Vesthavn is seven metres.


The Port of Hvide Sande is also an obvious choice for service and supply vessels (O&M) for offshore wind farms, because the port has good water depth in all basins, storage options, workshop, changing and office facilities at or near the berth. There is the option of exclusivity at either a permanent quay or a floating jetty. For crew, accommodation is available in hotels, motels, apartments or holiday homes within 300-500 metres of the berth. Apart from Copenhagen, the area around Hvide Sande sells the most overnight stays in Denmark every year, which is why there is a wide range of accommodation options.


The Port of Hvide Sande offers a 24-hour manned, permanent port security which can be called on 24 hours a day. The port security can provide information on berths, water, electricity, waste management, waste oil, etc.


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Hvide Sande Service Group

The business network, Hvide Sande Service Group, services and helps new players at the port get started regardless of their needs. Among other things, they can refer to a 24/7 agent network and get help with everything from booking cranes, accommodation and provisions to all types of craftsmen, ship supply, etc.


There is a single point of contact for all service enquiries. Whatever your needs, you are welcome to contact Bent Haumann. Bent will make sure you are put in touch with the right partners in town.


Bent Haumann
Tel. +45 2020 7977

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The Port of Hvide Sande leads the way in the sustainable development of the local area, creating a symbiosis between port and town. We wish to promote openness and good communication with all customers and partners.

By investing in the green transition, while at the same time the port operates an economic, efficient and socially responsible business enabling investment in the port's infrastructure and land, as well as in the development of existing and new business areas.