Offshore wind activity is of great importance to the Port of Hvide Sande, and with the establishment of the O&M centre for Horns Rev 3 and Vesterhav Syd/Nord, the port will become a hub for current and future wind farms in the North Sea.

The Port of Hvide Sande is centrally located as the closest port to the future offshore wind farms in the North Sea. These include the 3 Thor farms II, III, IV and Vikinge Banke. In addition, the port is also very well located in relation to the EnergiØen (Energy Island).
The short sailing time from Hvide Sande saves the wind farm owners a lot of money, as it gives technicians more working hours on the turbines. The short sailing time also means low fuel consumption. Finally, the short sailing time provides greater safety as the service boats can reach the port much faster in case of bad weather.

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The Port of Hvide Sande also always offers an ice-free port for the offshore wind industry crew boats. Today, Hvide Sande is home to a number of companies that, with Hvide Sande Skibs- & Baadebyggeri at the forefront, provide expertise in servicing a large part of the industry's crew boats. Among other things, Hvide Sande Shipyard has built five crew boats, which today sail to places such as Horns Rev and Anholt. 


We want to offer you end-to-end solutions and we are willing to go to great lengths to meet your needs. Therefore, we are incredibly pleased that with the help of Hvide Sande Service Group, we can provide precisely the service you need.

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The Dynamic Beacon of the Danish West Coast

The Port of Hvide Sande leads the way in the sustainable development of the local area, creating a symbiosis between port and town. We wish to promote openness and good communication with all customers and partners.

By investing in the green transition, while at the same time the port operates an economic, efficient and socially responsible business enabling investment in the port's infrastructure and land, as well as in the development of existing and new business areas.