The Port of Hvide Sande is an effective partner offering port and service facilities that meet high standards and make running your business operations easier. The Port of Hvide Sande’s primary partners operate commercial activities that generate freight and goods taxes.

These activities support the maritime transport of goods, fishing, passengers or other activities that require a port location. In addition to being a fishing port, the Port of Hvide Sande has the infrastructure for handling and transporting cargo & bulk.

We also provide dedicated areas specifically for the offshore industry. The Port of Hvide Sande is close to current and upcoming wind farms in the North Sea. This makes the port attractive as the Operations & Maintenance port and base port for installation crews.

Port of Solutions.

“We solve it” — is our approach to every task and to all customers. That's why we work proactively and innovatively to create flexible and customised solutions.

We work with all the relevant partners to find effective collaborative solutions, which makes us a competitive choice for both existing and future customers.

We’re also supported by a wide range of affiliated service companies, ready to provide a complete, unified service to port users.


The Port of Hvide Sande's land use plan is based on the port's new Strategy 2025, which sets a direction for the port's development in the coming years and which, among other things, is aimed at four overall strategic focus areas: Sustainability, Competitiveness, Organisation and Business Development. The land use plan defines some preconditions for the port's physical design in the future and describes what the port would like to achieve through the proper utilisation of its land.

Moreover, the land use plan is fundamentally based on some values which will be the principal aspects for the development of the Port of Hvide Sande in the future. An example of this is the focus on the land use plan supporting the development that will secure financial resources for future operating costs and capital investments. The plan must optimise the use of the port's areas, be dynamic and robust in the face of changes in the port industry, ensure a balance between the port's various business areas and the local area and, not least, help ensure that the Port of Hvide Sande's core task of supporting port-related activities remains a focus area.

See the land use plan here






The Dynamic Beacon of the Danish West Coast

The Port of Hvide Sande leads the way in the sustainable development of the local area, creating a symbiosis between port and town. We wish to promote openness and good communication with all customers and partners.

By investing in the green transition, while at the same time the port operates an economic, efficient and socially responsible business enabling investment in the port's infrastructure and land, as well as in the development of existing and new business areas.